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Some Awesome Reviews

People are playing Gunman Taco Truck and they're loving it. So much so that they're writing reviews and creating Let's Play videos. Here are the latest links:

Canadian Broadcasting Company, CBCNews in Winnipeg, loves the premise.

VentureBeat covered Gunman Taco Truck the day it was released!

Rock Paper Shotgun did a nice review of Gunman Taco Truck.

We will post more reviews as they appear!

Don't forget: tonight at 7pm GMT / 11am PST / 2pm EST – John Romero will be Twitch streaming Gunman Taco Truck gameplay and answering questions!

Gunman Taco Truck v1.0.6

We just pushed an update to Gunman Taco Truck with the main fix being a font issue with Windows 7 computers. While doing this, we fixed a number of other issues. Here's our changelog:

  • New font
  • Options now save when the game exits from the options menu
  • Escape no longer cancels orders in the taco builder
  • Fixed the location of the buy gas button
  • Added support for the escape key on desktop devices
  • New Town FTUE step
  • Strings now default to english if the string indexed is empty
  • Localization of controls screen + “miles” on road signs
  • Worldmap widescreen error fixed
  • Weapon speedup on full-auto mode
  • Updated strings_template.lua
  • Fixed an issue with saving screenshots on Desktop
  • Fixed an issue with mobile detection in the options
  • Fixed a bug with achievement reporting on steam
  • Improved performance of the cipher function
  • Added new flurry hooks
  • Added support for steamworks
  • Added controls page to the options screen
  • Fixed a bug where ingredients could get stuck beneath the taco
  • Ingredients now clean up after you fold the taco
  • Increased the amount of points you get for kills on hard
  • Fixed a bug where certain projectiles could leak

The new build should be live on Steam shortly.

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