Gunman Taco Truck


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We have fixed some bugs, changed some stuff, and overall made the game feel better and play better. Among the changes:

  • San Diego non-tutorial start doesn't go into the town
  • Speedier scene changes
  • Rocco doesn't talk over himself
  • Winnipeg wins even harder now
  • Title screen hidden minigame
  • Decal application becomes a soundboard
  • Tutorial optimization

Time for more fun times!


Yes, we have indeed updated Gunman to bring you only the greatest bugfixes and features. Here they are:

  • Added the city of Tallahassee between Jackson and Orlando. No more 4 gas route!
  • More descriptive Twitter description
  • Added a Store reminder on the Title screen
  • Fixed a crash in the Garage


v1.1.4 fixes and features:

  • The Golden Fan is now available at Jocco's
  • Italian version is operational again
  • Game sessions are timed and reported in Statistics
  • Improved screen fading between scenes


We've smoothed out some rough edges and fixed some bugs. After watching numerous Let's Play videos we've addressed some of the frustrations of some players not understanding some elements of the game. As always, we try to improve.


  • replaced several italian strings
  • fixed hint text issues
  • fixed ftue issues
  • reworded some text
  • Added a simple game timer
  • Converted cash and scrap on the results screen to indicate total cash and scrap
  • Added a notification to the empty state for normal and easy that a fuel truck is coming
  • You can accept quests from customers in the taco truck line
  • Updated the premium store for the new tickets IAP on iOS
  • Fixed bug where you couldn't buy tickets if you hadn't already gone into the main store
  • Fixed tickets_button bug on Desktop
  • jocco referenced in garage
  • sound fixes
  • people noise sound issues
  • worldmap ftue group fix
  • new store & garage names
  • more garage bugs fixed
  • sign scaling in worldmap
  • fixed worldmap bug with signs
  • no rocco/jocco giving hint during ftue
  • Added in a dummy quest module interface
  • Added support for taco patrons asking questions
  • Fixed a bug where the truck’s gun could get stuck on buttons in the town
  • Made the vulture boss’s bits behave correctly
  • Made the truck invulnerable during the turbo state
  • Embossed the Romero Games logo
  • Updated the UI class to allow dialogues to display correctly


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