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Gunman Taco Truck v1.0.6

We just pushed an update to Gunman Taco Truck with the main fix being a font issue with Windows 7 computers. While doing this, we fixed a number of other issues. Here's our changelog:

  • New font
  • Options now save when the game exits from the options menu
  • Escape no longer cancels orders in the taco builder
  • Fixed the location of the buy gas button
  • Added support for the escape key on desktop devices
  • New Town FTUE step
  • Strings now default to english if the string indexed is empty
  • Localization of controls screen + “miles” on road signs
  • Worldmap widescreen error fixed
  • Weapon speedup on full-auto mode
  • Updated strings_template.lua
  • Fixed an issue with saving screenshots on Desktop
  • Fixed an issue with mobile detection in the options
  • Fixed a bug with achievement reporting on steam
  • Improved performance of the cipher function
  • Added new flurry hooks
  • Added support for steamworks
  • Added controls page to the options screen
  • Fixed a bug where ingredients could get stuck beneath the taco
  • Ingredients now clean up after you fold the taco
  • Increased the amount of points you get for kills on hard
  • Fixed a bug where certain projectiles could leak

The new build should be live on Steam shortly.

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